The Real Story

Most of the people in the self storage industry and metal roofing industry know about what has been going on since 2008. The facts will come out on this blog. Not just my version as what I will write will and can be verified.I will say that I have been fighting a billion dollar public company that is owned by a 20 billion private equity firm from wall street. Lets start by saying we have a disagreement as to what a water tight , water barrier, hydrostatic roof is. And to what ASTM E 1514 and minimum slope 1/4:12 is. One question I ask: When a companies 20 year employee who is plant sales manager states that the roof I was sold was sold to me as a water tight roof and that the way it was marketed to me is that not the roof I should have received?


One Comment on “The Real Story”

  1. Starr Cannon says:

    FINALLY, the truth will come out.


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