The Truth # 3

I wonder why the Metal Roofing Industry, The RCI and the Self Storage Industry to include Inside Self Storage, Self Storage Association and Texas Self Storage Association makes no comments or maybe the question should be to the Self Storage people should be, are you not troubled by the fact that any facility that has this roof is Not a class A Facility. I know why the Metal Roofing Industry does not comment, it is called CYA. All Metal Roofing Manufactures put out specifications on their products with ASTM specifications and tests that are performed in test labs. That is nice ,But will your roof work in the real world. Every owner, installer, consumer has the absolute right to know if the Metal Roof actually performs when installed. Two very easy and simple tests. If your roof will leak when a garden hose is held 3 foot above the surface and water comes thru the roof you have a problem. The other test is direct from an ASTM committee. Perform a water head test on the roof at random locations. This can be done in an hour on approximately 40,000 sf. If you get a couple of drips don’t worry, But if you can take a shower you have a roof that is not sealed. We all owe the owner ( you know the person who pays the money ) the TRUTH. The water head test is so simple and truthful.


2 Comments on “The Truth # 3”

  1. Gary Leese says:

    I believe the public needs to also be educated on roll over standing seam roof systems. Many storage facility owners do not realize that if their buildings have the roof panels rolled over the ridge, the panel manufacturer will most likely not warranty the panel if it leaks. Even if the leak is caused by a defective panel, the manufacturer will blame the roof contractor for improper installation. These companies know how these panels are being installed and continue to sell regardless. They do not have the customers best interest in mind, and don’t care as long as they can continue to sell.


    • Gary,
      You know all to well. Millions of SF if trapezoidal structural standing seam has been rolled over the ridge on 80% of self storage buildings. All the roofing manufactures know this. In fact al the Mwtal Building Companies and Component companies have their own self storage buildings and the roll over not only SSR but R panel as well. The main Public Company I am talking about said that was improper, bad installation and yet in 1992 they had me roof metal roofs over on a 50,000sf project. Not only that but this same Public Company testifying in open court that this was improper and could NOT be warranted did in fact give a 20 year warranty on 72,000sf of roof on a Project I did. And yes it was a roll over and no it didn’t have minor tape seal. In fact they NEVER did any additional work on the roof I installed. They just flout the truth and the law. This roof I speak about is the second most used Structural Standing Seam Roof in the World. It was Hydrostatic from inception until they screwed it up. They and other manufactures of this roof have taken advantage of the public and contractors. I will publish the list of manufactures. They stated in court O chose the wrong roof for my customers. That is false, they had to have this roof approved to be sold in the State of Florida at a 1/4:12. It was approved by Faranbaugh engineering, Force Engineering and Validated by Locke Bowden. And Approved by The Florida Building Committe. Florida is a Fema State and most counties defer to Dade County.1/4:12 is hydrostatic. At least that is what all the governing authorities say including Force Engineering.


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