Tell the truth, Why Deceive?

Please share with your friends to read. NCI/Mbci has been deceiving the industry on purpose. Call them and ask if Ultra Deck meets and passes the Specifications for a Structural Standing Seam Roof. IT Does Not! They told me to go along with their cover up and lie to my customers. If I didn’t then Nci/ Mbci would destroy my business, my family and my life. Their General Counsel told me he wished I would have heart attack and die. Well asshole I’ve had the attack but God lets me live. They are owned by the private Equity Firm CD&R. Their website states honesty and Integrity. They know neither. They knowingly sold millions of sf of roof that was and is defective. One of NCI’s Vice Presidents stated under oath this roof comes apart. I have been under assault for the last 6 years. They told Florida it could be used at 1/4:12. Had it certified. Wayne Dickinson told the court the roof was wrong and should not have been used in Florida. He said I picked the wrong roof? Well did Mbci lie to Florida or to the Judge. Oh the judge knew Wayne was giving false testimony because he read the documents that stated Mbci sold millions of sf of roofs with defects, the reason for the defects, and where Wayne ordered a company wide cover up. There are honest people who work for Nci/Mbci some are long time friends of mine. If they told the truth they will be fired. Per Mbci this roof has never passed the stated ASTM specifications. Never!


ASTM has put in writing that the ponded water test found in ASTM e 1514 ( specification for a structural standing seam roof ) is ASTM 2140 ( water submersion of roof panel). Why does NCI and MBCI continue to deceive. I will be posting the letter and that of MBCI’s independent engineer which states that 1/4: 12 is a hydrostatic roof. Why would a Public Company continue to deceive. One would think that the Private Equity CD&R and the Board of Directors would be ethical and honest. I know the truth and have the documents to prove it. What do they gain by deception? OH that’s right, a multi billion dollar Private equity and Billion Dollar Public Corporation gets away with false testimony in court.