Hiring an Architect: Part 5- What? Me, hire an architect?


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In this installment of the ‘Hiring an Architect’ series, I address the most common question I’ve heard over the years from potential residential clients- “What? Me, hire an architect?” In my experience what they’re actually asking is;

“Can I afford an architect, aren’t they expensive?”

“Can’t I just by a builder house or buy plans from a book and still end up with what I want?”

“Isn’t an architect just going to design what they want and ignore me?”

These questions weigh heavily on clients, in reality; they couldn’t be further from the truth. However, hiring the services of an architect is not for everyone. Not everyone is building a custom home or taking on a significant renovation/addition. If you are considering/making such an investment, why not hire an architect to assist you in getting what you want? If you want your home to reflect who you…

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Who Said Life Is Suppose To Be Fair

Who Said Life Is Suppose To Be Fair.

What the Metal Roofing Industry Does not want you to know.

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Found some interesting information that will help educate the public. The following are definitions from MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) Metal Building System Manual. The definitions define the 2 basic types of standing seam roof panels.

Metal panel systems that are designed to withstand being submersed in water for a period of time are called hydrostatic panels. Hydrostatic roof details rely on sealant to keep water from infiltrating the joints and seams. Hydrostatic roof details can be used at almost any slope (1/4:12 minimum).


Metal panel systems that are designed to shed water are referred to as hydrokinetic. Hydrokinetic roof details are typically devoid of sealant and rely on water to freely shed over the joints. Hydrokinetic roof details are not to be used on roof slopes below 3:12.

Also found the following information at ehow.com.

Define a Structural Standing Seam Roof
By Ann Salter, eHow Contributor

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It is so sad that people just speak drivel. Most only care about what they have, or how much money they have, most want more. Money is their god. To get it they will lie, steal and cheat. They run from the truth as a thief runs from the light.

The Truth # 4

It is a shame that all the people on LinkedIn, the metal roofing industry and all the so called honest manufactures of metal roofing to include the MBMA continue to protect NCI/ MBCI and the Ultra Deck Roof. All th eEngineers know the problem

The Truth # 4


Life would be easier if we could do business with people who were truthful. Honesty is but a memory of America.